Writing A Reception Speech

Reception Speech

When writing a speech for a reception many do not know where to begin much less the things to say. To write a speech is not complicated since knowledge and memories are the best topics to talk about in the speech.

Research on public speaking show many are afraid of addressing a crowd or group of people. People become anxious at the mere thought of giving a speech. Remember this speech is about a personal acquaintance. This fact will make the speech easier to present.

Articles on writing speeches on the internet can be helpful. The articles give many options to the topics.

Relying on the memories shared with the bridal party makes for a perfect speech. Sharing the memories of the past and connecting the bond of the new couple will make an impacting speech. Use pleasant memories and not anything embarrassing.

The wedding toast is designed to tell the audience special feelings towards the new couple, to wish them a happy and prosperous future together. Make the moment special with expressing the happiness felt for their union.

Here are some ideas for giving the reception speech.

Recount pleasant memories of how the couple met or became engaged.

Recount a time before the couple met stating the fact the person wanted to find the perfect mate.

Highlight the couple’s life together since meeting each other.

Wish the new couple a wonderful new life together and future.

Consider writing a short poem for the couple. This will create a special memory for the couple. A heartfelt written poem will cause emotions of the day to flow freely with the love expressed in a poem designed for the new couple.

For an introduction to the speech, think of something to get the attention of the audience. Grab the attention of the audience and the couple by making an opening statement with love and passion about the newly joined couple.

A great example could be, “I have known Julie since grade school. She has always talked about meeting her knight in shining armor. She met hers when she met John.” Or “Michael said he would wait until the end of time if he had to just to meet the perfect woman for him. I’m glad he did not have to wait that long!”

While presenting the reception speech remember to keep it short. Do not make a long five-minute speech about things, which might bore the audience or make them uncomfortable. A short speech with well wishes and a few pleasant memories will make a great impression.

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