Inside or Outside Wedding

Having your wedding inside or outside?

Based on the time of year the options for the wedding day can be either an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding. Location of the ceremony will be an added touch to the exchange of the vows.

When deciding upon the location of the wedding, take into consideration the weather for the time of year. If the wedding is to take place during the summer time, remember the heat factor as well as possible bug factors. Approach the decision of location with consideration to the elements and natural pest factors. For indoor weddings, consider if the location will adequate airflow or air conditioning if during the hotter months of the year.

With the location of wedding is the consideration of the attendants and guests. Remember to consider temperature as well as the time of the ceremony. During the early part of the day in the summer time with a location inside without air conditioning will be quite stifling for everyone. Outdoor weddings at dusk will be chilly if the attendants wear strapless gowns.

Indoor weddings generally have fewer factors to consider for the most part. Providing adequate seating and viewpoints for the guests to see the ceremony are the usual concerns in both scenarios. Locations of flowers and decorations are other issues to consider. Allow for the possibility of having to use microphones if the area is large or too open as the guests might have trouble hearing the ceremony.

Outdoor weddings have many issues to consider. Outdoor weddings always look romantic and beautiful with the open sky above as added scenery. Yet with the outdoor ceremony, the weather is a major issue to always take into consideration. If it rains the day of the wedding, the entire day could be ruined. Having a backup location for the ceremony will avoid any wedding day mistakes.

Another issue to consider is the size of the area chosen for the outdoor ceremony. Make sure the area will be large enough to accommodate the number of guests. If a tent is also going to be rented for the occasion, allow enough space for the tent. Room for the guests to circulate without being crowded and room for the decorations are other considerations. Also possibly the option of what the guests use for bathroom facilities. If the location does not have the facilities, renting portable restrooms may be considered.

Some outdoor weddings are held in locations, which hold special meanings or memories for couples. The couple who became engaged at the beach might plan to get married on the beach. Read more about beach wedding and beach wedding dresses (you might also want to know more about beach dresses, or summer dresses.). Or the couple who became engaged at a picnic in the parent’s backyard might decide to have a wedding in the yard where “it all began.”

If the wedding is outdoors, take into consideration the style of the gowns for attendants. Long flowing gowns may be beautiful but not always practical. The grass on the lawns can cause damage to the dresses making a photo opportunity for disaster. Grass stains or dirt stains on a gown would be horrible come the time for pictures.

With all the considerations taken into mind, each location can provide a lovely atmosphere for the ceremony. Imagine candles lit with fragrant flowers accenting the scene presented for the exchange of the vows.  Bows on the seats and white isle runners for additional accents to the current beautiful setting will set off the areas. Different arrangements and different themes add to the touch of any wedding in any location.

Additional issues to consider are the microphones and audio, which may be used during the ceremony. Make sure to have the equipment tested prior to the ceremony. Have all wires concealed, especially in the walkways. Avoid any accidents by falling for the guests and the bridal party.

With any location, the bridal couple can create a sensational wedding with proper consideration to the factors listed above. Do not let anything ruin the beautiful dream that has been created due to poor planning.

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